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Armed/Unarmed Security Officers/Patrol Services

Access Control/Camera's/Locks/Fire & Intrusion Alarm Systems


Risk Analysis/Threat Mitigation

Cyber Security

Security Training

Process Server

Multiple value added services from one company.............

Our team of experts are here to help with any service you need

Security Officers Armed/Unarmed/Patrol Services

We staff armed & unarmed Sled Certified security officers, ready to deploy at your request. Our patrol services, both residential and commercial are highly visible in marked vehicles.  All officers are specifically trained for the location they are assigned to meet the clients needs.

Access Control/Cameras/Video Analytics

Our team can design your security system to enhance safety and security in the workplace and home through our intelligent security and fire detection systems.  Through our cameras, access control, video analytics, fire and intrusion alarms, we can meet all your security needs.


Through up to date video surveillance equipment and experienced, well trained staff, our team will investigate cases to resolve criminal, civil, domestic, workers comp and fraud, we can investigate any case and deliver quality results.   Our services range from a corporate level investigation to an individual or personal investigation.  Our highly qualified team are detail oriented and deploy years of experience. 

Risk Analysis/Threat Mitigation

Concerned about crime in your business, home or community.  Through innovation risk trending, we can evaluate your risk category and make recommendations how to better secure yourself, business and assets.  Have disgruntled employees, concerned about workplace violence, let us evaluate those risk and teach you how to develop your threat assessment team.

Cyber Security

Tired of being hacked, not knowing if your business or personal information is secured?  Trying to do business with entities but can't meet specific IT Requirements?  Let us establish a solid foundation for your networking solutions and secure your environment and assets.

Security Training

Security is more than an officer in a uniform, security is everyone's responsibility.  We offer extensive training for security officers, giving them the tools to de-escalate combative situations and to mitigate threat.   We teach crime prevention tactics and an enhanced community watch program.  

Process Service

Have papers to serve, cant find them, hard to get, let us handle this need for you and find the person you are looking for.  We guarantee to get your papers served in a timely or expedited manner.

Our Story

We love every minute of our journey........

Tammy Mikels, President

Our President is dedicated to getting the job done, providing outstanding customer service and maintaining employees because she cares. She is diverse in the security industry and recognized as a leader for the last twenty years. She maintains client relationships through her attention to detail, from specific contractual requirements, choosing the right team, ensuring appropriate training and certifications are in place for each employee to deliver quality services in a competitive market. She hits the ground running everyday, instills value and boost the moral of her employees as she states, "we are all one team, and you make the difference, we can do this together."

Tracy Lamb, Vice President

A true leader in the community, recognized and awarded for her dedication from the Children's Development Council, Greenville City Police Foundation and Clemson University, our Vice President sets an example for others to follow.  She is a service oriented woman that leads by example, inspiring employees to further their education, become involved in community projects and outreach programs.  She puts everyone at the top, gives them the tools and equipment they need to get the job done.  She received the Outstanding Women's Award in 2008 and is currently working on a health and wellness program for her employees and a partnership with a community outreach program in Greenville county as a way to give back to others.



Certified Minority Business


Chief Services & Security Solutions, Inc.

1302 Rutherford Road

Greenville, S.C., 29609



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